During my four years in the BFA program at Seattle University, my work has reflected my open and ever-changing state of mind. For each project, I apply the idea that photographs are used to capture what’s behind your eyes by using what’s in front of them. I'm constantly trying to see the world from different angles and distances, in order to widen not only my personal understanding of the world, but also my ability to connect with a wide range of people and ideas.  

I have developed skills for not only fine art studio work, but action and documentary as well. Having worked for Washington Youth Soccer, St. Francis House, Seattle Street Soccer, and Legends Unite (a sports memorabilia company),  I have established the ability to understand how my photography skills can be used even when I'm not the one holding the camera. Currently, I have the career goal of working in sports media so I can use my skills to help athletes and their organizations impact the world. 




Seattle University- Bachelor of Fine Arts Photography and Minor in Communications


University High School of Indiana - AP 2D Portfolio

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